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Internet safety has been a hot topic for more than a decade, with an increase in crimes, hacking, social engineering and unsafe people.  Predators and offenders are hiding in plain sight, using fake names on social media, terrorizing innocent people, and creating havoc.

See the red flags before it's too late!

Now you can request a public records search of any person on social media or in your community and make a decision if you wish to engage them further.

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These searches are to be used for personal safety to check the legitimacy and consistency of who you are connected with.

Internet safety searches are appropriate for:
  • Verify names and social media accounts
  • Scope out your online date or online connections
  • Information on lost loves, old friends, classmates, relatives
  • Verifying the people you already live with and neighbors
  • Find someone's current address
  • Looking up yourself to see what's on public record
  • Verify online buyers and sellers
  • Retrieve public digital court records
  • Lookup numbers that keep calling you
  • Address and property records

Once you are provided with the report, you can make a decision whether you want to maintain a connection with that person. 

Internet and community safety is essential in creating healthy personal connections. Especially those that may evolve beyond the internet or anyone who wishes to know more about who they are connected to.

What could be included in the digital public record report: 
  • An overview of the person, basic identity, age, possible alternate names, possible immediate relatives, last known address
  • Possible photos identified on social media and websites
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Address history and associated locations
  • Relatives, other associates and neighbors
  • Marriage & Divorce records on digital public record
  • Digitized criminal and traffic records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Professional background
  • Educational background
  • Usernames
  • Social media and websites
  • Possible owned properties

How to obtain a search:

Please complete the form below with any information that you have that you wish to have us search. 
The basic necessity to run a search would include an individual who resides in the United States of America:

  • Any first name, middle initial (if applicable), last name with approximate age and location (City, State)
  • Any addresses for a property search
  • Any phone number
Cost: $2.99 +tax per search

All searches are delivered by Email in PDF format within 72 hours.

You do not need to have a Paypal account to check out. 
You may use a Debit/Credit Card or Paypal, Visa/Mastercard/Amex gift card purchased from any retail store to check out.

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Disclosure and Agreement to Use Service: By purchasing a search you understand that these searches are not United States government background checks, they are not to be used for employment, insurance agreements, tenant screenings, consumer credit or any other purposes involving the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), or educational qualification. These searches are not to be used for stalking or harassment.
*The searches may not include all details that are on digital public record if they are not digital. Searches that do not resolve data may be due to scrubbed internet searches by the individual, or a lack of legitimacy of information provided to the querent. 

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